-Versalise Decor is a company with many years of experience in the import and supply of interior fabrics and home textiles for retail, in the design and sewing of curtains, lambrequins, covers and tablecloths - in general, everything that is necessary for the textile decoration of any room.
The Versalise Decor collection of fabrics is diverse and represented by fabrics from
such European factories as Casalegno, Saroglia & Taverna, Tex Ind, Neutex, Hohmann,
Castilla, Aznar, Visatex, Comersan, Vilber and Asian factories D.Decor, JBL,
Ankara Tekstile, Marteks, Dateks, Vsure.
Home textiles are produced by AMR Textile, Bauer, Wentex, Kariguz, Afula,
Songhwa, Sleepmaster.
The production of curtains is our strong point. We have been doing this for a long time, professionally and with love. A wide selection of fabrics, support for their constant availability in the warehouse, experienced designers, their own production of curtain systems - all this ensures the execution of orders of any complexity and in a short time.
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