Computer vision solution for visualising finishing materials in customers’ actual interiors.
Wizart is a web plug-in that helps your customers choose finishing materials for any of their home or office interiors.

It’s as simple as taking or uploading a picture of a room, choose a material/design from a catalogue, and apply it to the walls or the floor. Wizart shows how selected wallcoverings or floorings look like in their house, thus making the customer journey more enjoyable and transaction cycle shorter. Confident customers mean bigger and better sales!

With Wizart, your customers can:
• Browse your catalogues and add products they like to the favourite or straight to the shopping cart.
• Take a picture of their home or office interiors and apply overlay your products onto their walls and floors in an absolutely photorealistic quality while preserving perspective, scale in shadows.
• Save the end result on their devices or share it on social media.
• Place the order or reach out to your sales reps for additional information
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