"Lenta", Mogilev - the leader in the Republic of Belarus in the production of curtain products and textile haberdashery.
Advantages of the company:
- high quality products;
- availability of own production facilities;
- fast and high-quality execution of orders of any complexity;
- execution of large volumes in a short time;
- prompt and timely delivery;
- highly qualified personnel.
For more than half a century of work, the company has earned the trust and recognition of customers not only in the Republic of Belarus, but also abroad. The product range includes more than 11,000 items of textile haberdashery: elastic and non-elastic bands (including jacquard), cords, webbing, textile fastener "Contact" with a maximum width of 100 mm (including with a sticky layer and the possibility of printing); curtain products (canvases, tablecloths, napkins, curtains, curtains "rain"); sets of curtains; medical dressings; textile haberdashery for employees of law enforcement agencies, shoulder straps and much more.
Quarterly updating of the product range at the company allows you to constantly have a wide range of products available. In addition to our own design – we are ready to make a product according to your sketches.

The collection of curtain fabrics includes more than a thousand drawings of various subjects: classical drawings, floral, floral, abstract, geometric, grids of various widths from 24 to 295 cm. Modern coloristic solutions of curtain products-from muted pastels to rich ones. There are cold and dark shades, natural linen color and curtain fabrics with printing.
JSC "Lenta" offers a collection of curtains in folk and modern style that will decorate the interior of residential premises, hotel complexes, restaurants, cafes. Kitchen curtains, tablecloths, napkins, bedspreads and other products of JSC Lenta reflect the latest trends in modern jacquard design, as well as combine modern technologies and the use of various types of raw materials.
A variety of shapes, sizes and colors of tablecloths and napkins will satisfy the needs of any hostess: round, square, rectangular, oval - they are ideal for dining, holiday and coffee tables.
Curtain cloth and curtain products are form-resistant (do not sit down and do not stretch), have excellent bleaching, do not turn yellow when washing, are resistant to sunlight, and are also characterized by an unlimited service life and ease of operation.
A large collection of various meshes with piezo effect of various colors, fine structures made of spectacular shiny threads. For finishing, direct and transfer printing methods are used, and the properties of multi-colored threads are used.
We make sets of curtains according to an individual sketch for different rooms. In sets of curtains, we use tape and braid for curtains of our own production, different widths and types of folds: parallel, bow, waffle, multifunctional, "glass", "Christmas tree"; for Roman and Austrian curtains, tape for grommets.
I would like to mention the collection of braid and lace made from natural raw materials. Now the Handmade direction is very widely developed all over the world. Large enterprises that produce clothing and table linen can choose and apply in their collections textile haberdashery produced by JSC "Lenta". At the request of the customer, you can earn a new drawing and color scheme.
A rich selection of satin, jacquard finishing and decorative ribbons will be perfectly used in the manufacture of Souvenirs, home textiles.

Беларусь, 212003, Могилёв, ул. Челюскинцев, 65
факс: +375 (222) 42 25 26
Отдел продаж:
тел.: +375 (222) 42 31 61
тел.: +375 (222) 74 47 91
факс: +375 (222) 74 42 65
факс: +375 (222) 42 34 04
Отдел маркетинга:
тел.: +375 (222) 74 51 65
факс: +375 (222) 74 47 97

Веб-сайт организации:http://lentabel.by

Контакт-персоны организации

  • Степанчикова  Инеса
    Степанчикова Инеса
    заместитель генерального директора по продажам
  • Богомазова  Наталья
    Богомазова Наталья
    заместитель начальника отдела маркетинга
  • Миронченко  Елена
    Миронченко Елена
    начальник отдела торговли и услуг
  • Черная Алла
    Черная Алла
    менеджер отдела продаж по РФ
  • Юревич  Марина
    Юревич Марина
    специалист по ВЭД
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    Стрелецкая Ольга
    начальник отдела продаж

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