SUPERtextil is one of the largest suppliers of curtain fabrics, # Roman curtain fabrics and # roller blinds fabrics on the Russian market. The presence of its own factory allows the company a huge selection of models of both curtain fabrics and tulle. The assortment of patterned curtain fabrics is complemented by a rich color palette of # monochromatic companion fabrics. For the convenience of work and large companies there is a wholesale group, as well as # collections of fabrics for a piece.
The main textures of fabrics presented in the company's assortment:

Satin, Velvet, Batiste, Viscose, Velor, Voile, Embroidery, Guipure, Jacquard, Microvoil, Nubuck, Linen, Organza, Semi-organza, Lining, Taffeta, Satin, Chenille, Chiffon, Cotton.

In the collections of fabrics on the section, there are widely presented # curtain fabrics with a pattern, # tulle fabrics as well as # monochromatic fabrics with various textures.

This year the assortment of # fabrics for roller blinds has been replenished with a new catalog. Its creation was inspired by the idea of finding new designers for roller blinds. Flickering, #Digital-printing, a combination of monochrome and shine - techniques were used in geometric and abstraction patterns, classics and floral ornaments. All this will perfectly complement the given style in the modern world: contemporary, eclectic, neo-classic. Great attention in the new fabrics for rolled storm # bright prints that can liven up any interior.

Also this year, the company presented innovative technologies for manufacturing fabrics for Roman blinds.
It was possible to maximize the most practical fabric, not only in terms of sewing, and labor costs.
# Fabric for roman blinds with already woven pockets for fiberglass inserts and control cord loops.
This segment of the curtain market is one of the priority ones, since Roman blinds are a universal intermediary between curtains and sun-protection systems.

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