Brighi Tecnologie Italia is now a third generation family company and for over 50 years we have been designing and manufacturing special sewing systems for upholstered sofas and armchairs and machines for the production of cushions and pillows which today have become fully automatic modular production lines and packaging systems in the home furnishing textile sector (pillows, cushions, quilts, etc.).
The specific knowledge of sewing systems as well as the experience in handling and processing raw materials including fabrics, textile fibers, yarns etc.. has led us to the invention of sewing techniques, applications and systems more and more revolutionary.
We have always been thinking in an innovative way, giving great importance to the development of production processes in industrial production in order to make our customers more and more competitive, such as the design of complete automatic lines for pillows that start from the raw material processing to the finished product boxed, including all the steps in the process: raw material processing (fiber, microfiber, ball fiber, feather, down, shredded foam) including loading, fine opening, carding, shredding and blending; rolled carded and foam pillow stuffing; pre-weight pillow blow-filling; stitching and labelling; individual and multiple packaging and compressing; boxing; handling systems to make your line and flow more efficient.
With a focus on better environmental protection, new packaging methods have been studied and developed in order to reduce wrapping, storage and transfer space for goods; moreover we have designed equipment that safeguards health and order to improve the conditions of workers in production plants,
This strong drive for innovation, which has always been part of our company's DNA, has been possible thanks to continuous investment in research and development and the commitment of a highly motivated and specialized team.
All our machines and related software are entirely designed and produced within our production departments in Italy, with state-of-the-art equipment for both mechanical and electronic design and CNC machines for components production.
We are certified 100% Made in Italy by the ISTITUTO PER LA TUTELA DEI PRODUTTORI ITALIANI – REG. NO. IT01-7515830
Our machines are designed for connection to the 4.0 digital management systems; our software is a remarkable support tool for our customers, which, in addition to keeping them always connected to our customer service, allows them to monitor the progress of their production, process data and statistics necessary to be more and more competitive in the global market.
We are ready to work with you offering our technology, innovation together with a more efficient management of materials, labor, space and production flow to create for you a lean and competitive manufacturing environment

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