Since 2003, we have been the only official representative of the Brazilian textile concern "Buddemeyer" S / A in Russia, and since 2015 - in the EAEU countries.

"Buddemeyer" S / A is a textile concern in Brazil, the main focus of which is the production of home textiles in the premium segment.

The concern has at its disposal: cotton fields with high-quality selected varieties of cotton, dyeing houses, spinning and processing industries, highly environmentally friendly treatment facilities. Modern German and American weaving equipment, high-tech laboratories. We have our own patented technologies for the final processing of cotton fiber and the finishing of finished products.

Some of the latest, which have proven themselves from the best side among consumers, are the technologies "Baby Skin" and "Air Cotton".

A high level of technology combined with many years of experience allows us to produce products of the highest quality!

In the production, fibers of selected varieties of long-staple cottons are used, which allows achieving extraordinary softness and airiness of products.

All products are subjected to moisture-heat treatment, as well as hot drum dyeing using the "vat-dyed" method, which guarantees:
- color fastness for a long period of time,
-the possibility of washing at a temperature regime - 60-70C,
- absence of shrinkage and distortions along the weft and warp.

Buddemeyer, as a supporter of the preservation of the ecological and biological resources of Brazil, categorically prohibits the use of chemical bleaches, softeners and fiber fillers at all stages of production.
And also adheres to the concept of producing end products, exclusively from 100% natural cotton.

The company's concern for the environment and health safety is guaranteed by the international Oeko-tex certificate.

+7 (495) 902-75-15

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  • Дмитриев  Евгений
    Дмитриев Евгений
    Менеджер по региональному развитию ТМ "Buddemeyer" в РФ и ЕАЭС
    8 (495) 902-75-15 доб.24
  • Дмитриева Ирина
    Дмитриева Ирина
    Старший менеджер по региональному развитию ТМ "Buddemeyer" в РФ и ЕАЭС
    +7(495)902-75-15 доб.23
  • Сизов  Михаил
    Сизов Михаил
    Менеджер по региональному развитию ТМ "Buddemeyer" в РФ и ЕАЭС
    8 (495) 902-75-15 доб.25
  • Бродская Мария
    Бродская Мария
    Ведущий специалист по маркетингу, рекламе и развитию ТМ "Buddemeyer" в РФ и странах ЕАЭС
    +7 (495) 902-75-15

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