We, at Walls beyond create designs for wallpapers which make the walls limitless.
And it will not be exaggerated to say that we are the only company in the world which gives so wide and rich choice of materials – seamless textile wallpapers, seamless nonwoven and vinyl wallpapers, natural silk, silk cotton, nonwovens with different textures, vinyl wallpapers with variety of textures.
Our designs are flexible and we can adapt them according to the interior designs – as composition, color nuance, graphics.
Aside of our cozy residential style, we have decorated offices with specially created graphics for them – VMware Sofia, VMware Barcelona, Burgiss Sofia, Garitage Park and more.

Please, see our collections presented in the Materials tab above.

How we work:
- We create the designs. All of them are original, made specially and only for our collections. All the designs are hand drawn.
- We import wallpaper materials, specially selected, exclussively for our wallpapers.
- We produce the wallpaper printing on HP Latex - because of it's superior to any other printing technique quality and brilliance of the smallest detail; it is odorless and eco-friendly.
- We adapt each design according to client's wall sizes and interior decor. We can easily change the color nuance, so it fits the rest of the decor; plus we can easily adapt the composition - so that it fits the furniture.

Tania Kazakova, CEO and Creative director

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