We have been with You since 2014!
During this time, APRIL has established itself as a reliable supplier of fabrics and accessories for textile interior design.
Since 2014, WE have been presenting magam curtain tape (Poland) on the Russian market. TODAY, the magam curtain tape occupies a worthy place in Russia among professional curtain tapes of high quality, and the APRIL company is one of the largest suppliers of curtain tapes.
Today, the product line of the APRIL warehouse program includes NOT only magam curtain tapes, but also RUBANS curtain tapes (France), CUBA (Russia), NEVA grommet tape (Russia).
In the same year 2014, we presented our own collection of fabrics from THE Amati warehouse program.
We are also THE exclusive representative of ULTRA fabrics in Siberia and the Far East. Ultra fabrics are premium fabrics. Collections have both a warehouse program and a custom one.
In addition to the curtain tapes and fabrics listed above, the foam rollers, squares and washers presented by us are very popular. Bases for decorative pillows, grommets, magnetic hooks, wall hooks, quilted linings for bedspreads, chintz VENUS lining fabrics (Spain), Orbis cornices, fabrics for tablecloths, etc.
We are trusted by more than 3000 organizations and private designers in more than 200 cities in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.
The circle of our partners is constantly expanding and there are the following objective reasons for this:
We only work directly with factories or Brand owners. For many years of fruitful work not only with manufacturers, we have exclusive discounts and individual logistics conditions;
 Given the above, our customers have the opportunity to save well, earn good money or have a price advantage over their competitors;
 We have well-built logistics! This saves time, and time is money!
Using fabrics and accessories from the APRIL company in your works, You can be sure of the correctness of Your choice and the quality of our product!

email: april7754@yandex.ru

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