Mirodim textile company is the publisher of the eponymous collection of interior fabrics, consisting of more than 170 hangers, including about 450 articles of popular colors and designs. Catalogues of interior fittings and curtain tape have also been created. Fabrics from the MIRODIM collection, curtain tape and accessories are in constant stock in Rostov-on-don and are sold as a cut-off program, and whole rolls with an additional discount.
The collection includes such trends as classics, modern style, Provence, country, Damascus, loft and many others. Interior fabrics and accessories from the MIRODIM collection are produced by leading factories in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Turkey, some of which do not have representative offices in Russia. By entering into direct contracts with manufacturers, we have eliminated all intermediaries, which allows us to set the most attractive prices. The collection includes fabrics and accessories in the price range from economy to medium, designed for customers with different capabilities.
The main types of fabric presented in the MIRODIM collection
- Italian and Turkish-made satenas
- fabrics for bedspreads 290cm and 300cm wide
- French-made outdoor fabrics with a width of 280cm and 290cm
- large selection of various nets and veils (light fabrics)
- German jacquard fabrics 295cm wide
- several types of crepe
- curtain fabrics 300cm wide
- velvet, velour and chinil
- fabrics with etching and embroidery
- double-sided canvases
- solid French veil in white and two shades of milk colors 360cm and 420cm high
- Spanish and German fabrics with floral patterns 150cm and 280cm wide
- smooth and textured blackout of Spanish and Turkish production with a width of 290cm
- specialized curtain fabric with impregnation that decomposes formaldehydes
- tablecloth fabrics made in Italy with a width of 360 cm and 340 cm
Operation condition
Samples in the form of hangers are sold to partners at cost. We deliberately refused to provide free hangers and do not include the cost of making samples in the price of goods. However, the partner does not buy a complete set, but only those hangers that he chooses. Providing a set of samples for safekeeping is possible for up to 6 months, during which the partner must decide on the choice, pay for the necessary samples and return the rest (there are additional conditions and restrictions). Designers, architects and decorators are provided with samples for up to 5 days on Deposit.
Orders are accepted by our managers in writing via email, WhatsApp, on our website or on our social media pages. After checking the availability of the product and the absence of defects, we confirm the order and send information for payment.
Payment for the product can be made by Bank transfer, cash at the checkout, or by transfer.
Free delivery is provided to the terminal of your chosen transport company in Rostov-on-don. Transport company services for delivery to the destination city are paid by the recipient.

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