ERMOLINO is a company with own production of home textiles and textiles for baby and kids room
More than 100 years we have been making 100% cotton products of the highest quality.
The most popular products of our company are different kinds of children’s blankets.
Due to the popularity of the our brand, largest retail company and state enterprises successfully cooperate with us. Also we work with biggest international company , who sell our products in Europe
Made in Ermolino is a quality mark that is trusted
In cooperation with MTOK we produce a wider range of hometextile goods from various raw materials that give the desired quality to the product
We produce modern style product for dining and living room, kids room, baby textile and textile for beach.
A professional team of designers and technologists are working on the creation of all our collections.
They get inspired by the trends of the global home textile market and are based on the latest technologies in the field of production
Our advantages
- full production cycle
- high quality and modern design
- convenient logistics
- wide technical possibilities, allowing to produce a diverse line of Home textile products
- customer relationship
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