The company Luxberry was founded in 2007. Our textiles are produced in Portugal in the oldest factories with a long history. However, only modern equipment is used in production.

Our corporate style is "Eco-city"- eco-friendly city.
The style preserves the good old traditions in the production (hemstich and embroidery), and at the same time, always taking into account the needs of modern people to create a home comfort.

Our products are distributed by the following collections: plaids, bed linen, children collection, curtains, rags and interior carpets, terry and towels. Main raw materials we works with are cotton, linen mixed with cotton, linen mixed
Official distributor Portugal marks in Russia TM Bovi, TM Devilla.

+7(495) 545-47-59 -оптовый отдел

+7(495) 789-41-98 - интернет-магазин

г. Москва, ул. Хорошевское ш. 35 корп. 1 - офис (м. Полежаевская/м. Хорошевская)

г. Москва. 1-я Магистральная д. 18 стр. 1 - склад (м. Полежаевская/м. Хорошевская)


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